Men’s Trench Coats

trench coat men

The classic British design of the trench coat is alive and well in men’s fashion, thanks to its heritage and modernity. Today’s trench coats come in both Heritage and modern fit, and they are often crafted from revolutionary fabric created by Thomas Burberry over a century ago. For a more comfortable fit, choose a slim-fit trench coat or a water-repellent version. You’ll love both the style and the function of this versatile outerwear.

You Can Choose From Black Or Brown Trench Coats

One designer who has mastered the art of the trench coat is David Reiss, a British fashion designer who founded the Reiss brand in 1971. The Reiss philosophy focuses on design-led menswear. Its trench coats combine exceptional value, creativity, and quality to create timeless pieces that can be worn year-round. Its men’s trench coats come in Mac-style dry coats made from waterproof outer fabric, and its soft wool blends are ideal for layering over an outfit.

While most prefer a double-breasted trench coat men there are also single-breasted versions available. The latter is more comfortable for shorter men, but it may bury them in excess fabric. It is a good idea to choose one with raglan sleeves instead of cuffs. The epaulets on the shoulder are a military holdover. While epaulets do not make a trench coat more comfortable, they do make it look more streamlined.

The best men’s trench coats combine classic tailoring with a timeless silhouette. They can be double-breasted, single-breasted, hooded, and have belts and epaulettes. They can be worn throughout the year and can be paired with a blazer or hood. Whether you’re in the office or out and about, you’ll look good in a trench coat.

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