The Tailem Bend Solar Power Project

The Tailem Bend Solar Power Project is a solar power farm in South Australia. It has the capacity to produce 108MW of electricity and currently supplies 95MW of it to the national grid. A second stage will add another 85MW. It is expected to produce enough energy to power more than 13,000 homes.


The project was completed in a matter of months, employing 250 people. It used heavy construction machinery including excavators, graders, cranes, trucks, trenchers, and more. Local people provided labor and material, reducing the environmental impact of the project. The project also highlights the natural advantages of the region.

Vena Energy is the operator of the solar farm, and the project is estimated to generate 95 MW of electricity a year. The solar power produced by the project will be sold to ZEN Energy. It is expected to generate enough electricity to power around 35,000 households annually. The project will also offset 207,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions annually, the equivalent of planting 3.4 million trees.

The Tailem Bend Solar Farm is South Australia’s second largest solar farm, after the Bungala Solar Farm near Port Augusta. It is expected to generate 200,000 MWh of energy a year, enough to power over 40,000 homes. It is being developed by Vena Energy, an Australian renewable energy developer with plans to develop over two thousand megawatts of renewable energy projects in Australia. It is also planning to build a battery for grid-scale storage.

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