VPN Detection API

The VPN detection API is a tool that can help network owners to protect their data from unwanted traffic. This can prevent subscribers from accessing content or even allowing fraudulent transactions to take place.

How to detect VPN & Block VPN Traffic using VPN Detection API

VPNs use an encryption method to keep data private. But they can also be used for malicious purposes. For example, hackers can use proxies to change the IP address of a user, allowing them to access a website. They may also use a proxy to bypass digital rights management (DRM) or content access restrictions.

Proxies can also be used to access geoblocked websites. Web developers often rely on proxies to avoid malware and spyware. However, a sudden use of a proxy can be a red flag for fraud.

A free VPN detection API is available to detect fraudulent IPs. It can also detect masked IP addresses. These are often used by users who are using a VPN to mask their true identity.

The Proxy Detection API uses settings, IP information and HTTP headers to identify VPN users. The API can be configured to score an IP address with the lowest possible strictness level.

There is a premium version of the VPN detection API that can identify active VPN connections. This feature can be useful for financial institutions or websites to check a client’s identity.

Several countries use VPNs with malicious intent. Some providers resell hacked SSH connections with port 22 open. Government agencies and websites can also track and identify users using VPNs.

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