Benefits of Workout Gloves

Workout gloves are a surprisingly polarizing training accessory. Some lifters consider them a necessary piece of equipment to enhance their workouts, while others view them as an affront to their grit and hardiness. Check this out :

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Grip Strength: Gloves can help improve your grip strength by making it easier to hold a barbell. They can also help prevent calluses from forming on your hands, which can be uncomfortable and painful over time.

Avoid excessive sweat: Sweaty hands can make it difficult to keep a good grip on a dumbbell or barbell, and they can even cause you to drop weights. Wearing gloves can help alleviate this issue, especially if you sweat a lot in the gym.

Wrist Support: If you have a smaller wrist or need extra support while doing heavy deadlifts, bench press, or overhead presses, choose workout gloves with wrist wraps. This will give you a stronger wrist and reduce the risk of injury.

Added padding: If you are worried about calluses, go for a glove that is thickly padded. However, be careful because too much padding can actually hinder your grip strength.

Preventing blisters: Blisters are another annoyance that comes from rubbing your hands against barbell handles while lifting weights. They can be painful and tear easily, but they’re completely preventable with a pair of gloves.

Hand Pain: Those who have nerve problems can experience hand pain during weightlifting or other exercises that require gripping. The pain may come on suddenly or gradually over years of exercise.

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