Heavy Duty Casters

heavy duty casters

Heavy Duty Casters: The Best Choice for Industrial Applications

The best heavy duty casters offer high-strength wheels and top plates to safely carry heavy equipment. They’re ideal for warehouse carts, dollies and other heavy-duty mobile equipment. Resource castercity.com

Casters can be made from a variety of materials, including iron core, polyurethane, molded nylon and cast iron. Metal core casters are popular for their strength, durability and resistance to corrosive environments, while polyurethane casters offer great abrasion resistance and load-bearing capacity.

Wheel Material and Diameter

The wheel’s diameter is a crucial factor for determining caster wheel weight capacity. Larger caster wheels help distribute the weight of heavier equipment while rolling easily over uneven flooring.

Composition is also important, particularly where noise suppression is a concern. Mold-on rubber or nylon casters are often preferred for their quiet operation and ability to protect scratch-prone floors.

The Differences Between Cast Iron and Steel Wheels on Heavy Duty Casters

A relatively new addition to the industry, maintenance-free casters are designed with precision-sealed bearings that reduce push/pull forces and eliminate greasing requirements. These casters are quiet, easy to operate and can be used on all types of surfaces.

Casters With Dual Wheels

Dual wheel casters come with Kingpinless raceways and double the weight capacity of single-wheel casters. These casters are ideal for towline applications and shock absorbency, especially in environments where regular zinc-plated steel casters may rust.

Caster Wheels for Chairs

If you’re looking to upgrade the casters on your office chairs, look no further than this set of 12 durable caster wheels from Huichuang. These heavy-duty casters can support up to 65lbs and can rotate 360-degrees for seamless movement on all floor types. They also have brakes to lock both the swivel and the wheel, eliminating the dreaded sliding sound you can hear when moving your chair.

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