5 Ways to Get Flower Power

Get Flower Power

Flowers are a natural pick-me-up

Studies have shown that simply seeing flowers in the room can help calm the human brain down. Whether at funerals, in hospital or in the home, people feel better when they have flowers around them. Find out https://getflowerpower.com

A great way to show you care is to plant a garden together. Flowering plants provide a source of joy, colour and tranquility that can lift the mood, and help a senior connect with their environment and feel more grounded in their daily routines.

Growing Succulents with Flower Power: Tips and Tricks

It’s also a great way to spend time outdoors, which can improve mental health and help manage loneliness. Plus, planting a therapeutic memory garden can help seniors remember meaningful events they may have forgotten about over the years.

The Power of Flowers

Smell has a powerful link to recollection and memories, and a familiar odor can trigger an extremely vivid memory. A bouquet of fragrant flowers can be a great way to unlock some treasured memories for your loved one, and it’s an excellent gift idea!

Restore the Balance to Your Vagina

A well-balanced vagina is a badass self-cleanser, but sometimes it gets off-balance. The good news is, boric acid can help return the pH to normal to help fight off infections, unwanted itching and odors.

You can also use a boric acid supplement to naturally restore your vagina’s self-cleansing powers. Designed in vegan capsule form, our boric acid is a safe, easy-to-use, cruelty-free solution to help your vagina stay healthy and happy!

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