Insulation Contractors

Adding insulation to a home or building can help fix problems like drafty rooms, high energy bills, fluctuating temperatures and ice dams. An experienced professional can make the process smooth and easy for homeowners. But finding a reputable contractor can feel like mission impossible.

What is an insulation contractor?

Those who aren’t sure where to start can ask their local utility company for a list of contractors, check with friends and neighbors or go online to search reviews. They can also look for companies with accreditations, such as the Better Business Bureau or the insulation contractors near me Association of America.

Some insulation companies have an owner-operator approach in which the same person handles all aspects of the business. This setup can offer a personal touch but can make it difficult to schedule jobs because the owner is pulled in multiple directions. Other companies are set up as a team and assign roles for marketing, sales, installation and customer service. This structure can be more efficient and can often result in a lifetime warranty.

If an insulation contractor is working on a new construction project, they’ll work closely with architects and builders to meet specifications and standards. For existing homes, they’ll work with building inspectors to ensure the installation meets code requirements. If the job requires removing old insulation, the contractor should be prepared to carry out this task safely and know where to dispose of it. They should also be knowledgeable about R-values, which are determined by the material and its thickness but also by where it’s installed (e.g., attic spaces require different R-values than living room walls).

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