Inogen GS 100 Travel Case Review

inogen gs 100 travel

Inogen is a well-regarded brand on the trusted review sites, boasting a 3.9 rating with 79% of reviews falling under “good” or “excellent.” Though there are a few negative reviews from users complaining of billing issues and/or poor customer service, most comment about how much they love their portable oxygen concentrators. Many say they were able to continue living a full, independent lifestyle and enjoy activities they didn’t think possible before using their oxygen machine. Read more inogen gs 100 travel –

Inogen offers three portable oxygen concentrator products, including the GS 100, G4 and G5. They also sell a stationary concentrator called Inogen at Home. The company’s portable models are lightweight, quiet and energy efficient. They meet FAA requirements for airplane use and come with single or double batteries and a 3-year warranty. Adding a travel case is available for easy transporting of the GS 100, G4 or G5.

The Ultimate Guide to Inogen GS-100 Travel: A Portable Oxygen Concentrator for Your Wanderlust

The smallest of Inogen’s machines, the GS 100 is half as heavy as some other at-home oxygen machines and has a sleek design. It also operates at a low noise level, producing only 39 decibels, about the soft hum of a refrigerator. It’s also the most energy-efficient and has a long battery life.

Using the GS 100 is straightforward, with easy-to-read controls and features. Its small, lightweight size makes it easy to carry and hide, while its energy efficiency and low noise level make it ideal for traveling. It comes with a carrying bag, AC/DC power cord and spare batteries. Inogen also has a range of optional accessories, such as hip bags and backpacks to help users wear the unit comfortably and discreetly.

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