Tangiers Tobacco Review

Tangiers Tobacco is an American shisha brand with a reputation for high quality tobacco and excellent hookah flavors. The company is known for its coveted burley tobacco blends that pack a heavy nicotine punch, but also have a delicious taste and a good head buzz. Tangiers is a great choice for those who are looking to stop smoking cigarettes and want to transition into hookah as their main smoke.

Does shisha have nicotine?

The company offers a variety of different flavors for hookah enthusiasts to choose from including fruity and savory options. The popular Tangiers Noir flavor provides a robust tobacco taste with classic cherry and lime notes that is ideal for those who enjoy a rich hookah experience. Tangiers also has low-nicotine options like Lucid and Birquq, which are ideal for those who want a less intense smoking experience.

Each Tangiers Tobacco flavors consists of tobacco, molasses and glycerin that are mixed by hand in San Diego, CA with United States grown tobacco leaves. Each 250 gram bag of Tangiers arrives in a double air sealed package and comes with a hand written label and a quality inspection hologram sticker. This tobacco is made from raw full-bodied cut US grown tobacco leaves and does not contain any additives or dyes. This tobacco needs to be properly acclimatized before smoking. Source : https://canvas.msstate.edu/eportfolios/12049/Home/Tangiers_Tobacco

To ensure you get the best flavor and a smooth smoke, it is recommended that you use a phunnel style bowl for your sessions. You will also need an oyster fork to pack the tobacco in the bowl correctly. It is also important to properly acclimate your Tangiers before smoking it. The acclimatization process is simple, just open the pack and let it sit out for a few hours to allow it to breathe.

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