Best Cell Phone Plans Canada

When choosing a best phone plans Canada, it’s important to assess your needs and choose one that meets your budget. There are many options available for Canadians including prepaid, postpaid and contract plans. The best phone plans Canada provide great value for your money and offer the right balance of features to suit your needs. To ensure you get the best cell phone plan for your situation, here are some tips to consider:

Cell Phone Plans and Data Limits

Most Canadians rely on their cellphone for everything from calling family members to using social media. The best cell phone plans Canada include enough minutes of talk time and data to cover your regular usage. The best way to avoid overage charges is to find a plan with no cap on data or one that lets you change your monthly data limit based on how much you use.

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The Big Three cell phone providers in Canada are Bell, Rogers and Telus. Each offers premium network coverage across the country and competitive pricing. But these companies also operate several more affordable “flanker” brands that give you full access to their networks for plans that are friendlier to your wallet.

Freedom Mobile, formerly known as Wind, is famous for being cheap, but this comes with the caveat that their network is limited to urban centres in Alberta, British Columbia and Southern Ontario. If you travel beyond these areas, you will be switched over to their partner networks for slower speeds.

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