Professional Leak Detection Services by ADI

Professional Leak Detection Services by ADI

We know that there are few things more distressing than finding a leak in your property. Not only can it wreak havoc on your water bills but the longer that a leak remains undiscovered the more damage it will cause to your home or commercial premises.

Professional Leak Detection Services by ADI  in a home or commercial premises is hidden behind walls to make your property more aesthetically pleasing, however, this can be extremely hazardous if a leak develops. Even the most skilled plumbers would struggle to guess where a leak is originating from without specialist equipment and out of the box thinking.

Innovative Precision: Exploring ADI Leak Detection Solutions for Effective Water Management

Luckily, ADI have an army of expert plumbing and heating engineers who are equipped with the best in non-invasive leak detection technology. The team can trace underground water and gas leaks utilising a combination of specialised tools to methodologically pinpoint the location of a hidden leak without the need for excavation.

In addition to their extensive range of leak detection tools the team also utilises market leading thermal imaging and snake camera technology to trace hot & cold pipes within internal floors, behind walls or where access is simply not possible. The combination of these techniques allows our engineers to locate a leak, and undertake any required repairs, in most cases on the same day.

If you have a leak in your home or business and are unsure whether your insurance policy covers the cost of Trace and Access then call ADI today to find out more. We are a Trace and Access approved contractor meaning that you can claim back the cost of our leak detection services from your insurer.

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