Road Rage Capitals – UK’s Unexpected Findings

Road Rage Capitals UKs Unexpected Findings

Road Rage Capitals: UK’s Unexpected Findings

Road Rage Capitals: UK’s Unexpected Findings Brits are more likely to lose their temper behind the wheel in certain parts of the country than others. A survey of 2,000 drivers has revealed Leeds to be the UK’s angriest city with 7 in 10 drivers saying they have lost their temper on the roads at least once. In contrast, Edinburgh and Newcastle were the calmest cities. The main reasons for rage were people cutting across lanes without warning, falsely parking in disabled bays and people jumping red lights. The survey also found that the most irritable driver was a sports car owner with 22% of drivers in this category losing their tempers. Sports cars are often a status symbol for many people but they can be dangerous to other drivers if driven aggressively.

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Men were found to be much more likely to lose their cool at the wheel than women. In fact, three-quarters of men admitted to driving aggressively compared with just 18% of female drivers. However, the study did find that women were more likely to ‘toot their horn’ at someone than to shout at them.

The RAC Foundation has welcomed the findings of this report but warns that more needs to be done to tackle road rage. Its executive director Edmund King said: “Road rage is an escalating issue, with the majority of incidents occurring in busy towns and cities. Some of the triggers include people cutting across roadworks queues, motorway drivers monopolising the middle lane, people jumping red lights and thumping stereos. It is vital that the Government and police take this issue seriously.”

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