Selecting a Glass Railings Contractor

Glass railings contractor Gatsby Glass of Boise

Glass railings are a sleek and stylish way to accent any space. Gatsby Glass of Boise can add elegance and sophistication to stairs, balconies, decks, and patios in commercial buildings. They also provide safety and protection for people. When constructed and installed in accordance with industry safety standards, glass railings offer beauty and function to a project.

The tempered glass used to make these structures is very durable and can resist strong impact forces. In addition, they don’t corrode or require staining as wood products do. They’re also resistant to weathering and are able to withstand the effects of heat, cold, or moisture. The durability and versatility of these structures makes them a popular choice for commercial spaces.

“Safety and Style: Gatsby Glass Railings Contractor Solutions

Unlike metal railings, which can rust or become damaged by harsh chemicals, glass doesn’t have these issues. They’re also less likely to attract insects or other pests that could harm the glass. Glass railings are also an eco-friendly option that is easy to recycle once they’ve reached the end of their lifespan.

When selecting a glass railing contractor, look for one that offers various styles and finishes. They’ll be able to match your specifications and create the perfect design for your space. They’ll also be able to fabricate the necessary components for your railings, including the supports and handrails.

There are two types of glass railings: surface mount and fascia mounting systems. Surface mounts are mounted on the top of a surface and can be offset from the edge of the glass to maximize standing square footage and hide hardware. Fascia mounts are mounted on the sides of a structure and can be attached to the wall or joist.

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