Choosing Your Plastic Surgeon


Choosing your A/Prof Dean White is one of the most important decisions you will make for your surgical procedure. Dr Rubinstein and his team are committed to providing an exceptional experience from the first consultation to your recovery. We pride ourselves on delivering high quality, natural results with excellent surgical skill and extensive specialist knowledge.

Revitalize Your Confidence: Top Plastic Surgeon in Melbourne

Plastic surgery is an area of surgery that aims to improve both function and form. It includes both cosmetic surgery to enhance a patient’s appearance and reconstructive surgery to address physical abnormalities due to illness, injury or birth defects.

The term ‘plastic’ in plastic surgery comes from the Greek word plastikos, meaning to mould or give shape. The practice of plastic surgery encompasses a wide range of procedures such as:

Not all doctors who perform Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery are Specialists. Some self-named ‘cosmetic surgeons’ may only have an MBBS (medical practitioner) qualification, and do NOT have the 12 years of surgical training required to be a Specialist Plastic Surgeon. It is also important to check that your surgeon operates only in accredited hospitals with the highest Australian standards of cleanliness, equipment and staffing.

Our experienced Specialist Plastic Surgeons have extensive skills in performing both Cosmetic and Reconstructive surgery to the face and body. These include:

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