TikTok Ads – How to Create Ads That Stand Out on TikTok

TikTok Ads requires marketers to use unique formats and creative approaches that are aligned with the platform’s guidelines for advertising. Ads must be short (5-60 seconds) and should feel authentic to TikTok audiences. They also need to follow strict rules for third-party measurement and TikTok pixels.

TikTok’s audience loves creativity, so ad formats that are visually appealing can help advertisers capture attention and drive brand awareness. Advertisers should aim to be original and avoid using too many words in their ads.

Ads that feel organic to TikTok’s app-based environment tend to perform best. This is why brands like HelloFresh utilize UGC and raw-style footage to create an ad that feels more authentic to the platform’s aesthetic. The ad’s humorous tone also helps to keep it from feeling like an overly salesy ad, which can deter users from engaging with the content.

In-Feed Ads:

TikTok’s In-Feed ads are auto-play videos that appear in the For You curated feed when a user first opens the app. These ads can be up to 60 seconds long and must have sound, making them ideal for advertisers looking to boost engagement and brand awareness. Luxury fashion brand Stella McCartney used In-Feed ads to promote a sale on their website and increase traffic to their external landing page. The ad also incorporated popular music trends, another tactic that can help advertisers to stand out on TikTok. To create an In-Feed Ad, select “Create Ad” in the TikTok dashboard and choose a campaign objective (traffic, conversions, app installs, etc.).

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