What Does a Wedding DJ Do?

A Wedding DJ is much more than just a playlist. They take your vision and transform it into an experience that will live on long after you are married. They help your guests connect with the music and create an environment that is fun, welcoming and inviting.

Wedding DJs invest in high-quality sound systems and other equipment that they use to provide an amazing experience for your guests. This equipment costs money which is reflected in the cost of the DJ’s services. Additionally, some DJs offer additional services such as MCing and photo booths which can add to the overall cost of the DJ’s services.

Why Hiring a Professional Wedding DJ is Essential

Before your wedding day, a professional DJ will usually schedule a meeting with you or your planner to go through your planning form and ensure that all of the i’s are dotted and t’s crossed. They also conduct thorough sound checks to mitigate any potential audio glitches during your event.

Unlike a music app that can play any song, only a trained wedding DJ has the skills and intuition to read the vibe in the room. They have a sixth sense for when to play the right song and know how to keep the dance floor packed from the twirl of toddlers to the shuffle of grandpas.

They also know how to coordinate with the MC and photographers to make sure everyone is ready for introductions, toasts and speeches. They are the voice of your wedding, delivering all announcements with charisma and flair.

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