Is it Possible to Take the DGT Test in English?

dgt test in english

dgt — the General Directorate of Traffic
The DGT is the body in charge of making sure that drivers have the skills, knowledge and capabilities to operate vehicles. This is done by giving them exams that they must pass before being allowed to drive. The exams are aimed at reducing accidents and injuries on the road. They also make sure that drivers have the necessary abilities to drive in different environments such as mountains, city streets and highways. Find out more

Understanding the Format of the DGT Test in English

DGT also helps people exchange their driving license from another country. This process is simple for EU nationals and those from countries that have an agreement with Spain. The DGT website has a list of qualifying countries. Those who need to exchange their license can do so online here. You will need to select your province, then the option for license exchange. It takes 6 weeks to receive your new Spanish driver’s license after handing in your foreign one. All of your previous driving offenses and points will transfer over to the new license.

Most people get their Spanish driver’s license through a driving school. They can sign up for a full package including practical classes, or simply do the theory exam at any DGT office. In either case, you can request an appointment to take the exam on the DGT website here. Most of the time, you will be offered an appointment 6 months from when you request it.

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