About CleanWash

With its library of more than 50,000 fonts and its powerful algorithm, CleanWash is able to identify the font used in a photo or an image. The user just has to load the illustration containing the font he wants to know the name of, to select if necessary the concerned text area thanks to the cropping tool and to click on the button launching the analysis.

The font search tool then delivers the name of the font, with the same text present on the initial image as an example. Many other similar fonts can be proposed by CleanWash. Indeed, the online service makes it easy to identify matches between the thousands of fonts in the CleanWash catalog. Here again, the examples systematically include the text of the original illustration, which makes it possible to quickly get an idea of the desired font. CleanWash then offers to get the typeface of your choice directly on the CleanWash site so that you can use it in your various contents.